There are green hills, idyllic villages, olive groves and vineyards here. This kind of scenery makes many people intoxicated at a glance. This is Tuscany.

In fact, Tuscany has always been the soul of Italy, known as the most beautiful part of Italy. No matter what season you come here, you will reap different surprises. A lush green is like an ink painting, and the vast yellow is like an oil painting.

In Tuscany, even nature is refined and elegant, and beautiful countryside views abound. This is no accident. The grass and trees here, the pastoral countryside, and the forest trails have actually accumulated the thoughts of generations. After hundreds of years of vicissitudes, everything has become seamless and natural, showing a picturesque haze.

Tuscany has unique colors that represent a beautiful life. There are blue skies and white clouds in the sun, brightly colored walls, dark green shutters and dark red roofs. There is a kind of beauty of vast seas and sky and unrealistic fantasy that the gray city does not have. It appears in people's dreams in a quiet manner, so beautiful that it is unreal and dazzling.

Tuscan pastoral life has been around for more than 600 years. After centuries of wind and rain, the idyllic landscapes of Tuscany and its nearby Umbria are still as idyllic as ever, and today's visitors can still feast their eyes on them.

The real charm of Tuscany is that it allows you to slowly experience a simple way of life. Watching the sun fading near the horizon at dusk is a timeless scene of pastoral life.To sum up the impression of Tuscany in one picture, it is a rural dirt road with slender canopies of cypress trees on either side. The path leads straight to distant and unknown places, as if to bring people back to the time when it was once glorious.

Tuscany may not be as famous as Rome and Milan. But in Europe, it has a great reputation. Mrs. Browning once commented on Tuscany: "The air here seems to penetrate your heart." Tuscany has become a place for Europeans to escape the chaos of the world, find inspiration, and rest their bodies and minds.

If you're tired of traveling in the city, head to the Tuscan countryside for a relaxing rural getaway. Tuscany is the beauty of fantasy that has nothing to do with reality. In these beautiful and picturesque hazy mirrors, while enjoying the refreshing air of Tuscany, you also open a "Tuscany" in your heart.