Galway, Ireland

Galway is the cultural capital of Ireland. When you walk on the cobblestone streets, you can always see many street performers and bohemian artists. There are various art festivals, music and cultural festivals here every year.

Galway was once called the "Venice of the West" by the famous Irish poet Keats, with many rivers and lakes and many freshwater creatures. You must know that the most notable thing in Galway is the picturesque lakes, green lawns, and the most worthwhile aristocratic sport - golf.

Wroclaw, Poland

This is a city in southwestern Poland, originating from an island in the middle of the city. The entire city is crossed by 6 rivers, forming large and small islands and more than a hundred bridges today. With 14 museums, 10 theatres, 15 art galleries and 30 universities, the city is definitely one of the best places to stay away from the crowds.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

As Croatia's largest tourist center and health resort, Dubrovnik is located on a limestone peninsula on the southern Dalmatian coast with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. The old town in the city is rated as "an ancient city with a medieval style".

Saint Raphael, France

Saint Raphael is a city in France, located in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France, on the coast of the Gulf of Fréjus. The main industry here in the 18th century was fishing, and many cultural figures have come to San Rafael. There are lofty mountains, stretches of beaches, and seabirds flying with their wings here, which is so beautiful that people feel suffocated!

San Rafael's tourism industry has also gradually developed, with a 24-kilometer coastline and four sea bathing beaches. The beautiful and long coastline blends with the blue sea and blue sky, making it an ideal destination for a variety of sports, such as swimming, fishing, and surfing. There is also a protected area covering an area of 445 hectares, which is the largest continental protected area in France. Due to the diversity of ecology, it is the most ideal place for viewing animals and plants.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The archipelago has snow-white icebergs and is surrounded by various fjords, but the most impressive is the unique aurora. On the Lofoten Islands, you can often see the gorgeous aurora on the other side of the sky, giving people a feeling of being in a paradise, so it is called "the most beautiful place in Europe". Every holiday, there is always a sea of people here, and many photographers come here to take pictures. They came here from thousands of miles and wanted to bring the beauty back to their lives in the form of photos.