The forests of Finland in Europe are known as the "Kingdom of Forests".

It is the textbook of all forests. The beauty of the place, the creatures, and the environment have all been hailed as some of the most beautiful images in the world. Early morning sunlight dapples the forest, the mist and the sunlight intertwined, like a fairyland that enchants people.

Plus, the vast forest stretches bring people a wave of emotions. On a closer look at a tree, mixed with the fog, as if the movie had special effects, in the black armour of the gods. In the forest, sunlight penetrated the forest, the earth covered with a layer of gold, as if shouting "a new day is here again".

It was like a wonderland on earth, like a lost ancient painting, only in the movies can we see it. The branches of the trees are lush and green, and the grass is youthful and vibrant, floating slightly with the sunlight as if a new day was being welcomed.

A big tree towering into the clouds, tightly linked together hand in hand, they act as guardians in the forest, guarding the territory. Every tree, every grass, every tranquillity, all filled the forest, such a beautiful and abundant youth, awakening the body, awakening the yearning for beauty.

The total road mileage in Finland is 454,000 km. Of this, 350,000 km are private and forest roads. 26,000 km of municipal streets. 78,000 km of highways (13,000 km of primary and secondary roads. Regional and connecting roads 65,000 km). There are road connections with Sweden and Norway.

Blue Lagoon is also known as the Blue Lagoon. It is a famous geothermal hot spring in the southwestern part of Finland and is a place where many tourists stop before leaving the country.

The water is rich in silica, sulfur, and other minerals, making it a popular destination for tourists. Soak in the blue water. The surrounding area is surrounded by spectacular volcanic rocks, which makes you feel very strange. Therefore will stay a little longer.

Due to the developed geothermal heat. Even in the snowy season, visitors can still soak in the warm water. Enjoy nature's gift to the full. The Blue Lagoon is located on an extinct volcano, and the beneficial minerals in the strata are deposited at the bottom of the lagoon. 

Those who are good at water or lucky. Those who are good with water or lucky will cheer when they dig into the white-coloured mud.

Finland is rich in tourism resources, there are Fiskars Art Village, Finlandborg, glasshouses to see the Northern Lights, and some other famous tourist destinations, all attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

In any season, the Blue Lagoon is always warm. All are suitable for visiting. As the Blue Lagoon is a natural open-air gym, so piecemeal from the rainfall factor. The only difference may be the price, which is lower during the low season. The Blue Lagoon is more precious in the summer, the high season for Icelandic trips. 

 The magnific Northern Lights can be seen from September to April every time. In summer, you can also enjoy the night sun. 

In the morning and the evening after 2000. These are the times when the Blue Lagoon is less crowded. The rest of the time, you do not have to worry too important, as the Blue Lagoon has a time limit. 

This ensures that the number of people in the gym isn't too high. It isn't judicious to soak in the hot springs for too long, and the recommended visit time for Blue Lake is 2- 3 hours. Staggering the crowds and going to the Blue Lagoon at night is a good option. 

The Blue Lagoon is down from the megacity lights of Reykjavik. There's lower light pollution. 

There is an erected water bar in the lake, so you do not have to go out to have a drink. The Blue Lagoon has a relaxation area, which is perfect for weary guests. You can spend the whole day at the Blue Lagoon and have a great time.

One of the active fishing municipalities in Blue Lake is surrounded by nature, offering endless opportunities for adventure. You can enjoy the geothermal geography and there is also a 13-hole beachfront golf course. Birdwatching is also available on ocean cliffs.