The efficacy and function of coconut meat have been studied.

1. Supplement nutrition

Coconut meat can provide the body with rich nutrition. It contains a large amount of vegetable protein, as well as natural crude fibre, fructose, and glucose.

Additionally, vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other substances are also present in coconut meat. After consuming it, people can quickly absorb and utilize these nutrients, meeting the needs of various organs of the body for different nutrients.

2. Nourish the skin

Coconut meat contains trace elements and vitamins and fructose. It can nourish human skin and promote skin cell regeneration and metabolism. Regularly eating coconut meat can nourish tender skin.

3. Water and swelling

Coconut meat is rich in trace elements of potassium and magnesium. They can promote the metabolism of sodium salts in the body. Also can prevent electrolyte disorders in the body. Can accelerate the body of excess water discharge. Water and swelling, prevent obesity, but also can effectively relieve hypertension.

Efficacy and effects of peaches

1. Prevent constipation by eating peaches, which are rich in gums and can absorb a lot of water in the intestines, keeping the excrement dry and promoting defecation.

2. Peaches contain a very high iron content, which can promote the synthesis of iron in the blood and haemoglobin regeneration. Long-term consumption of peaches can be beneficial for preventing anaemia.

3. Beauty and skincare. Peaches are rich in nutrients and protein, which can help enhance skin elasticity, moisturize the skin, and have beauty and skincare effects.

Pineapple contains pineapple prion enzyme, which can help decompose protein and promote digestion. It can dissolve blood clots and fibrin that are blocked in the tissues. This blood lipid improves local blood circulation.

Helps lower blood pressure. In addition, the sugar and enzymes contained in pineapples have a certain diuretic effect. Pineapple contains a large amount of cellulose, which can absorb large amounts of water. Increases the volume of faeces, promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, and speeds up stool excretion.

With the above foods, you can make a delicious cup of muffin snacks.


100g of gluten flour, 2g of baking powder 55g of butter, 45g of brown sugar, 1 egg, 50ml of milk, 1 banana, 15g of chopped walnuts

Production steps

1. Soften the butter and add the brown sugar and whip. Stir until the brown sugar melts. Add the egg mixture little by little and mix thoroughly.

2. Grate the banana and add it to the container together with the chopped walnuts. Then add milk and mix well.

3. Preheat oven to 180°C.

4. Sift the low-gluten flour and baking powder into all the ingredients and pour into the mould until it is seven percent full. Place in the middle of the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Place the finished muffins in the bottom of the glass. Spread the second layer with peaches. Add another layer of puff pastry on the third layer. Add some pineapple to the fourth layer. Finally, add another layer of puff pastry. Top with prepared coconut, pineapple, and peaches for garnish. Delicious puff pastry is ready!