Home decoration is a very important part, and the background wall is the core of the decoration. Therefore, when decorating it, we need to have a reasonable color matching.

So, how to match the color of the background wall? This is an issue that many consumers are always paying attention to.

Blue, is the ideal choice of beautiful sets

If you want to have a sea-like blue background wall, you can use a blue background wall. Facing this background wall, it seems that you can hear the "tide sound" from the sea.

Green+white, a very natural color

Green can be said to be the color of life, and it looks more vigorous. The use of green to decorate the background wall has a stable emotional effect. The use of a green and white combination can effectively relieve the suppression and make the background wall look more natural. It gives people a very comfortable feeling.

Yellow+orange, very warm color matching

The bright color always gives people a sense of optimism and warmth, so when decorating the background wall, you can choose to use an orange background wall. This will have a warm feeling, which gives people a sense of elegance and luxury visually.

Gray+red, full of modernity

Gray and red can also make a good effect on the background wall. Everyone knows that gray and any color match is suitable, and it will not give people a sense of disorder.

The combination of red and gray, adding elegant dark colors to the unified bright color tone, will look elegant and modern, so this is also a good color choice.

Simple American style

Simple and American style, more clear and leisurely in color matching. The background wall selects a large area of khaki to create a warm and elegant atmosphere.

With the white simple wooden decoration lines, the visual layering is rich, and there is a fashionable atmosphere in retro.

The key to selecting the color of the background wall is to be harmonious. No matter what color you like, when matching the color of the background wall, you must consider fitting with the surrounding environment.

If your home is mainly warm colors, you can choose a more warm color such as red, or orange-red to decorate the background wall.

On the contrary, if your family decoration style is a mainly cold color, you can choose a relatively calm color such as blue to decorate the background wall.

When selecting the color of the background wall, you must start with the actual situation. You can see the visual effects brought by different background walls from the designer's decoration renderings, so as to make a correct judgment and design a reasonable background wall for your home.