It is probably the happiest and most realistic way to wake up every morning by the tempting aroma of food wafting through the kitchen and the streets and alleys!

Not only the body but also the soul is also restless. It is the first meal in the morning, so eat it heartily, healthily, and calmly, and in a good mood for the day!

The passionate temptation of the American breakfast "calorie bomb" is hard to resist. The traditional American breakfast is sweet and savory, and without exception, all of them are full of energy. Let's take a look at what Americans eat for breakfast.

1. Pancake

Pancakes are a staple of American breakfasts. The pancake is thin and fluffy. The most classic way to eat it is by adding a variety of fruit and cream fillings.

In addition, chocolate pancakes, cheese pancakes, and hash browns are also popular. In Canada, American pancakes are often served with the famous maple syrup.

2. Waffle

The fixed one-concave-convex plaid is a prominent symbol of the waffle. The freshly baked Waffle exudes a very strong custard aroma. Serve with cream, jam, chocolate, and honey. Those who like savory will also have chips or scallion oil.

3. French Toast

French toast with cinnamon, brunch French toast is usually fried in a buttered pan. When you eat it, you can add cream, and maple syrup, and match with various fruits. It sounds full of calories.

4. Muffin

Muffins are cup-shaped sweet cakes, usually available in the United States in flavors such as blueberry, butter, chocolate, honey, cinnamon, etc. It's soft and fluffy, but it's too sweet, so eat it with black coffee or a latte to neutralize it.

5. PB & J

PB & J, short for Peanut Butter and Jam, is a traditional peanut butter sandwich that everyone knows about in America. The practice and taste are very American, usually with a thick layer of peanut butter and jam on the two sandwiches of three slices of toast.

There are many flavors of jam, including blueberry, grape, orange, apple, mango, and so on. The rich aroma of peanut butter matches the sweetness of jam, the taste is excellent, but the calories are quite high!

6. Cinnamon Roll / Bun

Cinnamon rolls are very popular in the United States, and there are nuts or raisins in them, which will never be missed in the supermarket.

7. Croissant

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the croissant is one of America's favorite desserts. Americans are particularly willing to put butter in croissants, so it tastes very fragrant.

In the restaurant, croissants come in original, almond, chocolate and other flavors, which can be eaten directly, or can be used as a sandwich, with cheese, lettuce, etc. added to it while it is hot.

8. Donut

A donut is a deep-fried snack that originated in Europe and is a dessert that can be found everywhere in the United States. Original flavor, chocolate flavor, crushed nuts, jam, frosting, cream filling, etc., and the famous "Dunkin' Donuts" that Americans especially love to eat, they buy at least a dozen at a time!

9. Cereal

There are many kinds of cereals in American supermarkets, which can be called a must-have for a lazy breakfast! Most of the cereals are processed from corn or wheat. They are mostly sweet, with nuts and dried fruits added. They are rich in shape, including round (Cheerios), corn flakes (Corn Flakes), flaky (Wheat flakes), and so on.

There are also colorful wheat circles. When you get up in the morning, rinse the cereal with iced milk and eat it directly. Americans like to buy several bowls of cereal at a time, and then mix and match them together, or add some yogurt to taste.

If you are usually hungry and have no other food, you can also grab a handful of cereal and stuff it into your mouth to satisfy your hunger.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is also a breakfast that Americans often eat. It is often mixed with various fruits and sprinkled with honey or syrup. It is a relatively healthy breakfast.

There are Steel-Cut Oats, Rolled Oats, and Quick Oats in the supermarket, and most of them need to be boiled in water or milk for a few minutes. There are also lazy people who buy Instant Oatmeal directly, but the taste is not as soft and glutinous as boiled oatmeal.