Cheesecake is actually a very old food. Records of cheesecakes appear as early as 776 BC, when cheesecakes were made from flour, wheat, honey and cheese to rejuvenate Olympians. Then, the Romans brought Greek cheesecake to Europe.

Modern baked cheesecakes are believed to have originated in medieval Poland. The cheesecake at this time is a mixture of ingredients such as ricotta and fermented milk. Later, Polish immigrants brought this cake to the United States.

But, for the cheesecake we eat today, the mainstream ingredient is cream cheese instead of ricotta. This is because of the emergence of two important figures in 19th century New York, who are also the key to the popularity of "New York cheesecake" around the world. One was a dairy farmer, William A.

Lawrence, who invented and mass-produced cream cheese in 1872, and sold his own brand of cream cheese. The other was Arnold Reuben (1883-1970), a German-born Jewish deli/restaurant owner with business in New York. He was the first to make cakes using cream chesse rather than the more generic ricotta of the time.

Cheesecake became popular because Lawrence invented cream cheese, and Reuben bravely used cream cheese to make cakes. New York cheesecake is different from cheesecakes in other parts of the United States, the bottom cookie crumbs are extra thin, and the cheesecake body is extra dense.

Although cheesecake did not originate in New York, Americans insist that New York's cheesecake is the most delicious cheesecake in the world, and they even claim that before the invention of New York cheesecake, those desserts can only be called cheese at best. This is the confidence of New Yorkers!

When you come to New York, you must eat cheesecake, so let's take a look at the most famous cheesecake chain in New York.

1. Cheesecake Factory

The restaurant where Penny worked in The Big Bang Theory. Cheesecakes are the mainstay, but others include hefty starters and entrees, Glamour Burgers™, sandwiches, seafood and steaks, and "super" food salads.

2. Chikalicious

Opened in New York in 2003, it combines the romance of French desserts with the sophistication of Japanese desserts to create a treat beyond the taste buds. Chikalicious has become a must-see for dessert lovers in New York, and the three-course dessert feast has captured the hearts of countless girls.

3. Lady M

Lady M has maintained an enduring popularity since its first store opened, and now has several chains across the globe. Chocolate, matcha, banana and other flavored Japanese-style cakes are the most popular desserts. The exquisite shape and sweet and glutinous taste have captured dessert lovers from all over the world.

4. Junior's Restaurant

Junior's Restaurant is a very popular restaurant near Times Square and Broadway. Junior's cheesecake is quite famous in New York. The cheese has a rich and mellow taste, and a variety of flavors are available. In addition to desserts, this store also provides a variety of American light meals, sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. are very large, and the taste is quite good.

5. Eileen's Special Cheesecake

Eileen's is often rated as the No. 1 dessert shop in New York by magazines and other media, and its delicious cheesecake is rich in flavors, attracting countless diners, including many Hollywood stars. Besides cheesecake, there are many other options.