As a common means of transportation in daily life, bicycles are not only suitable for children, but also for adults. Generally speaking, bicycling has two main purposes, commuting, and sports, and different bicycles are suitable for different purposes.

1. Commuting

If it is used for commuting to get off work or short-distance travel, you must first consider the commuting distance. If the distance is not far, such as within 5 kilometers, it does not matter what kind of car you ride.

You can buy a cheap commuter car. If the distance is within 5 kilometers If the distance is more than one kilometer, you must consider a better car, and the commute will be easier. Secondly, there is the issue of parking.

If it must be locked outdoors, it is also recommended to buy a low-priced commuter car. If it is parked indoors, you can choose a higher-priced car. In addition to being used for commuting on weekdays, you can also go out to exercise on holidays. If you choose a folding car, you can save space or bring the car to other means of transportation.

2. Leisure sports

If the purpose of buying a bike is to exercise, then the prerequisite for buying a bike is that the bike must be able to form the conditions for exercise, whether in terms of riding speed or distance, and it must allow the user to ride comfortably and happily. , enough to make people interested in cycling, so a bicycle for sports should be a bicycle that rides fast.

To ride fast, the body should not be too heavy, and the transmission system of the whole vehicle, the frame There must also be a certain level of rigidity and smoothness of rotation of the part. With a bicycle that is labor-saving, comfortable, and fast, of course, it will make people ride far and have fun. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes are all good choices. Cycling is good for all aspects of the human body, including physical and mental exercise.

Second, cycling also protects against high blood pressure, sometimes more so than medication. It also prevents weight gain, and hardening of the arteries, and makes bones stronger. Cycling saves you from having to use drugs to maintain your health, and it does no harm. Finally, a bicycle is a tool for losing weight. Taking a little time every day to ride a bicycle can achieve the goal of losing weight.

However, the human body can only withstand a certain range of exercise and pressure. Excessive amounts will lead to physical problems. Cycling also needs to follow this principle:

1. Don’t cycle fast

Don't go too fast when riding a bicycle. Many people always ride fast, and their legs may be sore and painful in a short time. This kind of exercise is not advisable. Therefore, you should control the speed of your bicycle when you are riding a bicycle.

2. Don’t ride a bike after eating

Generally speaking, it is not possible to ride a bicycle after eating, and many people want to exercise by cycling. However, the stomach is fuller after eating, and exercising immediately will affect digestion.

3. Wear protective gear

There are many points to pay attention to when riding a bicycle. You need to take protective measures when riding a bicycle, and you must prepare all the equipment you need to wear. For example, helmets and knee pads should be worn in time to prevent accidental falls.