Terraced fields are the result of farmers' long-term labor, carrying not only people's production and life, but also the crystallization of hard work and wisdom. The beauty of the overlapping layers creates an excellent visual effect of the terraced fields and injects the essence of human ridge labor. Below are five of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world.

1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been considered a romantic place for decades. Tegalalang Rice Terraces are the famous terraced fields in Bali, mainly concentrated in the Teglalang area. The coconut palms dotted in the fields and the majestic volcanic backdrop make it unique among the countless terraced fields in the world, a rare combination of tropical and idyllic scenery. Tegalalang Rice Terraces are like delicate bonsai. The most beautiful landscape is distributed along the roadside about 1 km long, and there are many specially built landscape restaurants and tea rooms. Visitors can enjoy Indonesian-style meals at these special landscape restaurants while enjoying the intoxicating scenery of the terraced fields. In addition, in Ubud adjacent to Tegalalang, there are also many terraced fields, and almost every resort has a beautiful view.

2. Rice Terraces in Bhutan

Bhutan is the country with the highest national happiness index in the world. Bhutan is home to many of the highest points in the world, unique buildings built into cliffs, and many outdoor playgrounds, making it a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. In July and August, one part of the terraced fields are filled with golden rice to be harvested, the other side is emerald green seedlings, and together with brightly colored flowers, the eyes are full of bright colors for a while.

3. Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

The Banaue Rice Terraces are located in the Banaue Rice Terraces in the north-central Luzon Island, Philippines, and are one of the World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. Banawei Terrace also has a beautiful name, that is, the staircase leading to the kingdom of heaven, which was once included in the intangible cultural heritage. April is the most beautiful time here, because the seedlings have just been planted at this time, and the terraces have become green. The total length of the Banaue Terraces is 13,919 miles. But who would have thought that such a vast project was constructed using primitive tools? And, locals have been building huge terraces to increase their farmland for 2,000 years.

4. Honghe Hani Terraces, Yunnan, China

The Honghe Hani Rice Terraces are located in Yunnan Province. The terraces here are like beautiful pictures. The characteristics of this terraced field are that it is very narrow and long, as if it has been marked with a mosaic. It is beautiful and very charming. Especially when you stand at the foot of the mountain and look up at the rising terraced fields, don't be too amazed. On June 22, 2013, at the 37th World Heritage Conference, the Honghe Hani Terraces were successfully included in the World Heritage List, becoming the 45th World Heritage Site in China, making China surpass Spain as the second largest World Heritage country, second only to Italy.

5. Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, Switzerland

When it comes to Switzerland, we will think of skiing. Many ski lovers like to go to Switzerland for skiing, but there are also beautiful terraces for tourists to watch. There is a large area of grapes planted here. You can go with the local manor to pick grapes and have the opportunity to taste various grape products. It is so romantic.