Since ancient times, people have been in awe of mountains. In many legends, mountains give people a sense of mystery. Some mountaineers explore the hinterland of the mountains all over the world, take photos that many people admire, and show the unknown beauty, secrets and sacredness of the mountains to everyone, so that we can glimpse the secrets of each mountain.

1. Matterhorn

Matterhorn is a famous snow mountain in the United States, which is also the prototype of the Paramount LOGO of the American film and television company. This snow-capped mountain is so high above sea level that it reaches into the sky from a distance. Its shape looks like a triangular cone, and it is covered with snow all year round. The sun shines on the snow-capped mountains and it will emit a dazzling light, which is very beautiful and spectacular.

2. Mount Everest

Speaking of Mount Everest, we are no strangers. Mount Everest is high above sea level, the terrain is steep, and the climate here is also very poor. But it is a favorite place for many mountaineering enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts, and climbing Mount Everest is also one of the ultimate goals of many climbers. Climbing Mount Everest is a belief and an honor, but there are also many failures.

3. Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley is a mountain in Alaska, and it is the highest mountain in the United States. This mountain is named after a president of the United States, and it is a very meaningful name. This mountain is very steep and has always been known as a mountain climber's death site, but there are still many people who like to come and explore.

4. Eiger

The Eiger is in the Alps. The altitude of this mountain is also high and the terrain is steep. The peaks are covered with snow all year round, making the journey even more difficult. It is said that there is a beautiful legend on this mountain: when a teenager here is courting a girl, he will climb this snow-capped mountain to pick a flower to express his loyalty to love, which is very romantic.

5. Mount Roraima

The reason why it is said to be mysterious is because it looks different. Its summit is a flat surface that is said to have been the habitat of pterosaurs. It has a unique geographical location at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, spanning 3 countries.

As the highest mountain in South America, the plane of the summit caught the attention of scientists who discovered that it was once the habitat of pterosaurs. This mountain has a unique historical significance. For climbers, the flat surface may not inspire their desire to conquer, but standing on the top of the flat mountain can see the expansive scenery.

The mystery of this mountain is also that it is the source of many rivers in South America, surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush vegetation. Standing on top of a flat mountain is as beautiful as standing on the surface of the moon.

People who like to climb mountains may rarely see peaks with such a landscape. It is undeniable that Mount Roraima is a "mysterious" mountain on Earth. If you have the opportunity to come here, you may wish to climb to the top to appreciate its infinite scenery and enjoy the open and flat form of the top of the mountain.