Campsites, a new tourism industry, have developed rapidly around the world. What weird campsites have you been to? This article will introduce you to the following bizarre campsites.

1. Korean "Doughnut" Camping

Amidst rolling hills, Seoul-based Archiworkshop has designed a tent village called "Glamping For Glampers", a chic architecture consisting of a series of attractive camping units. Combining elements such as ecology, comfort and modern design, designers have designed two tents with different structures. The round one has a lovely doughnut-like appearance, and the other is designed to be an expandable structure to provide flexible, mobile accommodation of a high standard.

2. Camping Lodge in Berlin, Germany

A comfortable and stylish hotel will add a lot to the journey. If you have the opportunity to go to Berlin, Germany, you must not miss this camping lodge. The camping hut is a special hotel with the theme of camping. Travel trailers and cabins are ingeniously arranged in the room. The lounge with different styles is full of fun. At the same time, it also replicates the scenes of the camping area. Bench is readily available.

3. Camping Village, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

In a small town in Queensland, Australia, designer Simon Laws has designed and built a unique holiday home, the draw house. It is in the fresh woods, not far from the beautiful coast of the Great Barrier Reef. The design of the holiday home applies open elements to the extreme, and the fan-blade window frame design at one end of the living room is also a highlight. Designers also designed rainwater collection tanks and a domestic water recycling system and installed a high-efficiency solar system on the roof to provide hot water and electricity needs.

4. Cocoon Tree Tent

When camping outdoors, mosquitoes, snakes and flies are probably one of the creepy nightmares. The suspended design of "Cocoon Tree Tent" perfectly solves this problem, and it is also a little romantic. This spherical mobile tree tent is specially designed for the outdoor environment. It is covered with waterproof oil and water on a 120 kg aluminum ball structure. When in use, it is hung on the tree with a rope to become a suspended tree house. It is rain-proof, waterproof and mosquito-proof, and the inner round bed with a diameter of 2.4 meters can fully accommodate two people to sleep comfortably.

5. Lormont Cloud Hut, France

Bruit du Frig's wooden hut is designed in the shape of a cloud and is dreamy in pure white tones, providing a poetic retreat for seven people at the same time. It was originally designed as a work of art, but now it has been placed in the peaceful French city of Lormont, open to travelers as a comfortable habitat. Would you like to try it?

6. Spanish Stone Cottage

Ensamble Studio designed and built this unique cave-like stone hut named Truffle on a hill by the sea in Laxe, Spain. The small space includes a shower, sink, and modern bed and fireplace. It's an interesting construction process, first stacking the interior with hay, then pouring concrete on the outside, and then pulling in a cow named Paulina that took a year to eat the hay inside.

7. German Pond Cottage

A unique cottage in a small private garden in Münster, Germany, designed and built by Baumraum, which is called the king of the frogs on Baumraum's official website. The oval-shaped wooden hut is suspended in mid-air on a long metal stand, similar to the Terrain Armored Transport Walker (AT-AT) in Star Wars. Equipped with a large comfortable bed, modern furniture and transparent skylights, there is also a cozy open-air balcony for relaxation and comfort.

8. French Transparent Bubble Tent

The fully transparent design is very dreamy, you can experience the relaxation and comfort of sleeping in nature, imagine lying on a comfortable big bed lazily basking in the sun, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, but privacy is a problem.