Autumn is many people's favorite season. Because of the colorful leaves and beautiful butterflies, and the comfortable autumn wind with just the right temperature. Here are nine of the world's best fall viewing spots.

1. Nara, Japan

Autumn in Japan is as stunningly beautiful as her short spring cherry blossom season. From the northern island of Hokkaido to the south, red autumn leaves can be seen all over the country after the end of September. The ancient capital of Nara, just a short train ride from Kyoto, is the best place to view autumn leaves. In its huge park, red leaves flood like a flood. The trail leading to the Tohokuyama Shrine in the northeast corner is covered with golden leaves.

2. Agawa Canyon, Canada

Board the Agawa Gorge tourist train this fall and you're sure to see some of the most beautiful maple leaves in the world. The train starts from Sault Ste. Marie, on the border of the United States and Canada, and travels 114 miles (about 183 kilometers). The train heads all the way north, through the beautiful, underdeveloped country of Canada. These beauties inspired the famous Canadian painter Tom Thomson and the Canadian School of Seven in the early 20th century. The best time to see the maple is between the end of September and the beginning of October.

3. Forest of Dean, UK

This ancient forest in Gloucestershire was once a royal hunting ground and is today a fall spot. The mix of beech, oak and European chestnut makes it like a sea of yellow. The Forest of Dean can be explored on foot or by bike. Watch out for wild boars that haunt the forest.

4. White Mountain, New Hampshire, USA

The White Mountains in New Hampshire have some of the most colorful fall in the world. From the beginning of October, you can hike the mountain and you have the chance to see brilliant red maple leaves. You can also drive to Silverlayer Falls in Carroll County to admire the gorgeous foliage next to the falls.

5. Loire Valley, France

When the leaves of the vines start to turn yellow and the summer nomads start to return home, the day is the perfect time to visit the Loire Valley in France. When the green leaves begin to yellow, brown, and freshen, the rolling vineyards glow like rays of light. It's also harvest time, so you'll see the grapes being picked, and you'll eat the grapes and enjoy the view.

6. Dandenong Ranges, Australia

Autumn in Australia begins in March. Maybe you don't associate Australia's sand, surf and hot summers with bright autumn colors, but the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne won't disappoint. In addition to attractive national parks, this area also has manicured gardens. The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens are well worth a visit when the meadows are blanketed with fall foliage and the trees are starting to turn red.

7. Bishop Creek Canyon, California, USA

California's high altitude makes its red and yellow fall longer, so California's inland forests are a good place to enjoy fall. And Bishop Creek Canyon is one of the countless autumn viewing spots in California that cannot be missed. It is located in Inyo County, Sierra Nevada. Gold leaves look even better with a rocky mountain in the background.

8. Pitlochry, Scotland

The pine forests of Scotland may not change color, but the deciduous trees in them make it some of the best autumn colors in Europe. Step out of the town and you'll be on the dam and fish ladder that divides the Tamer River and Lake Faskali, and watch the waterside plants slowly drop their leaves. Every October, Pitlochry hosts a large light show called "The Enchanted Forest". This party will perfectly combine the forest and lights outside the city, and the scenery is like a dream.

9. Lombardy, Italy

Lombardy is located in northern Italy and the weather is warm even in autumn. This is the best place to see the bright autumn colors bursting out of the European continent. The native Lombard aspen will slowly turn bright yellow before the leaves drop. If you can't get to Lombardy, Milan's parks also have some great autumn colors to admire.