When summer is here, people like to go swimming in swimming pools. Swimming is the preferred fitness method for many people. Many people wear swimming goggles when swimming. So, do you know what is the effect of wearing swimming goggles when swimming?

1. Easy to observe

When we swim in the water, in order to identify the direction and avoid obstacles in time, we often need to open our eyes to see objects. Since opening our eyes in the water may cause discomfort such as irritation or foreign body sensation, not everyone can open their eyes in the water. eye. Swimming goggles can help people who cannot open their eyes in the water, and wearing them allows them to see their surroundings normally.

2. Protect your eyes

The water in the swimming pool is not as clear and clean as our eyes see, and the bacteria and viruses in the swimming pool can cause damage to our eyes. Although most of the current swimming pools pay more attention to hygiene and disinfection, after all, there are a large number of people in the swimming pool every day, which makes the dust, leather and other impurities in the water significantly increase.

A good pair of swimming goggles is essential for swimming. If you choose swimming goggles that are not suitable for you, the swimming process will become very painful, and there may be water leakage and eye discomfort. So how should we choose swimming goggles?

1. Choose according to the size of the frame

Swimming goggles are divided into full face large frame, large frame and small frame according to the size of the frame. Novices choose large full-face frames without putting a lot of pressure on the eyeballs. If you have certain skills, you can consider swimming goggles with a slightly larger frame, which has a slightly stronger adsorption force and a slightly lower resistance. If you are a professional, it is more recommended to use a small frame, which has strong adsorption and less resistance.

2. Choose according to whether it is myopia or not

If you are not short-sighted, you can choose flat glasses as long as you meet the basic functions and your own budget. People who are short-sighted do not have to choose swimming goggles for short-sightedness. If you don't usually wear glasses, it is enough to buy plain swimming goggles. If you usually need to wear glasses that you can't take off at all, buy professional shortsighted swimming goggles.

After each swim, you can wash the swimming goggles with clean water, and then put them in the goggle box. If there is greasy dirt on the surface of the swimming goggles that needs to be cleaned, be careful not to use organic solutions, such as alcohol. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry. Let's learn about the cleaning and maintenance of swimming goggles.

1. Do not expose to the sun

Do not expose swimming goggles to the sun, or place them in high temperature environments such as car trunks and radiators. Because the anti-fogging agent on the mirror surface of swimming goggles will be damaged by high temperature or ultraviolet rays, the life of anti-fogging will be shortened. The raw materials of some accessories of swimming goggles are fine glue or plastic. In order to avoid aging, high temperature environment should also be avoided.

2. Protective lenses

When wiping the lenses of swimming goggles, do not use anything to wipe directly, so as not to damage the anti-fog film. When the anti-fog effect of swimming goggles is not very good, you can use anti-fogging agent for swimming goggles appropriately. It is best not to touch the lens with your fingers, so as not to leave fingerprints, or let the grease on your hands contaminate the lens.