Football is one of the three major sports in sports. It is recognized as the world's largest sport. Playing this sport requires some football equipment. In order to let everyone understand the equipment needed in football, let's take a look at it together.

1. Football boots

For football players, football boots are like their boots, and they are their important partners. Football is a very intense sport, and football shoes have good support, shock absorption and stability for the feet. Therefore, a pair of suitable football shoes is very important for athletes to play.

2. Football clothes

In football, players will wear neat jerseys to show their team's style. The jerseys have good breathability, hydrophobicity and are very comfortable to wear. Compared with ordinary sportswear, the design of the jersey is more professional, fully considering the extent of the players' movement, so as not to affect the players' performance.

3. Leggings

In football games, players are often accidentally kicked to the calf, and the shin pads can buffer and disperse the impact force, reducing the possibility of tibia and fibula fractures. The shin pads are used to protect the calf and ankle of football players.

4. Football socks

Don't look at the small football socks. They also play a big role in the game. Football socks can reduce the damage to the calf. Long tube football socks can also be used to install shin guards, which play a double protection role. Wearing football socks can also tighten the muscles of the calf and make the athlete's force become more concentrated.

Football can not only promote blood circulation, but also improve immunity and speed up metabolism. Football is a sport that requires high physical strength and skill. Compared with track and field sports, the chance of accidental injury in football is higher. So what are the precautions for playing football?

1. Be sure to warm up

Before playing football, you should do a warm-up exercise, so that the body has a preparation process before entering the vigorous exercise. When the heart rate and body temperature rise, gradually increase the intensity and speed of the exercise, so that it is not easy to get injured when playing football. You can jog for a few minutes, stretch your muscles, move your ankles, knees, and get a little sweaty.

2. Don’t take a break

After playing football, don't sit down and rest right away. You should walk around the field to calm down your body gradually, so as to quickly eliminate fatigue. When exercising in summer, it is necessary to add water appropriately in between exercises. Don't drink when you're thirsty, as your body may already be mildly dehydrated.

3. Pay attention to your physical condition

When you are not feeling well, lack of sleep and lack of energy, it is best not to play football, because if you are not careful, you may have knee sprains, ankle sprains, etc. Half an hour after a meal, don't play football, because football is a relatively strenuous exercise, and it is not suitable to do it after a meal, it will affect the gastrointestinal digestion and cause stomach discomfort.

4. Don't take a cold shower after kicking the ball

As the body's metabolic process is enhanced during exercise, the subcutaneous blood vessels expand and sweat profusely. Taking a cold shower immediately after exercising will prevent a large amount of heat generated in the body from being dissipated well, resulting in heat inside and cool outside, destroying the balance of the human body, which makes it easy to get sick. The correct way is to take a bath after resting for a while after exercising. It is best to take a warm bath.