Travel is a cool thing. Everyone's original intentions to travel may be different, but in the end, they gain the same consensus during travel: to travel, to meet surprises unexpectedly, and to meet another self in the process.

Because of the pressure of modern life and the frequency of high-speed life and work, people feel more and more breathless, so they need to relax and travel on some holidays. This is where the meaning of travel comes into play.

1. It can please people's spirit

Some beautiful scenery of nature will bring visual impact and spiritual shock to people, so that people can fully experience the enjoyment of beauty and the sublimation of emotion.

2. Can expand people's horizons

Tourism is an important way for humans to directly understand the world. It can expand people's horizons, strengthen people's understanding of local customs, increase people's experience, and even subtly enhance people's ability to solve problems.

3. Can enhance people's immunity

Tourism is an activity that combines physical activity and "reading" beautiful scenery. It can relax people's mood, exercise people's limbs, strengthen people's heart and lung function, and enhance people's body immunity. Especially in some places with green mountains and clear waters, the negative oxygen ion content in the air is relatively high, which is very beneficial to the maintenance of human health.

Traveling is all about relaxation, so we also need to bring too much luggage. It is meaningless to bring too many items when traveling. It is a burden for us to travel. So we recommend only one large rucksack for all luggage, ready to go at any time.

The rucksack must carry the necessary items.

1. ID card or passport

If you forget to bring your documents while traveling, you will be in trouble all the time.

2. Cash and credit cards

The cash should be matched in whole parts. If you want to stay in a hotel, you must bring a credit card, so as to avoid a large amount of cash being mortgaged at the front desk.

3. A small amount of medicine

If you are injured or sick while traveling, you can simply deal with it yourself.

4. Compass

When we go to places where there is no signal, the compass can avoid getting lost when necessary.

5. Watches

Because it is very inconvenient to charge when going out, a watch can replace the mobile phone to check the time, which can save the power of the mobile phone.

6. Flashlight

A waterproof, anti-squeeze flashlight is needed, which is convenient for going out at night when traveling.

In addition to these things that must be prepared, we also need to pay attention to many places when we go out to play.

1. It is not advisable to travel alone

It is best to travel together with familiar relatives and friends, which can not only increase the interest of travel, but also take care of each other.

2. It is not advisable to crowd the car and boat

When you are away from home, you don’t have to rush to get on a car or boat in order to save time, to avoid impulsive injuries in case of injury, and it is extremely unsafe to sit on an overloaded car and boat, and accidents are prone to occur.

3. It is not advisable to leave names indiscriminately

Doodling and scratching in tourist scenic spots will damage historic sites. It is a behavior that does not pay attention to spiritual civilization. It is discovered by the management of scenic spots, and punishment will also affect the mood of tourism.

4. Don't mess with friends

During travel, you should not casually make deep friendships with strangers. It is best not to accept anything from outsiders, so as not to be deceived.

If the above points need to be paid attention to by heart, and everything that should be prepared is ready, we can start our trip.