When thinking of travel, white sandy beaches, azure blue waters and tropical palm trees quickly come to mind for many people. When most people think of paradise, they probably think of tropical islands in far corners of the world. Read a good book, drink coconut water and enjoy the sun. Is there anything better than this? If you're looking for a tropical island to visit for your next vacation, check out the list below.

1. Bali

Let's talk about Bali first. Bali is located in Indonesia, and there are only dry seasons and rainy seasons throughout the year. The tourism industry in Bali was developed earlier, and the hotel facilities on the island are comfortable, advanced and complete. Many hotels not only have private beaches, but also have private gardens surrounded by greenery, with different styles and beautiful scenery. Bali includes almost all the world's first-class hotel brands, and there are many choices in grades and price points. It is particularly worth mentioning that Bali is also the most convenient of the four islands, because many famous big cities have direct flights to there, as long as you take your luggage with your passport, buy a ticket and you can set off. A few hours of flight and a stamp from the airport customs and you can enjoy Bali.

2. Gili Island

There are a total of 3 small islands in Gili Island, but not many tourists here, so it is particularly good to enjoy. There is no gas station on the island, and all daily necessities need to be transported to the island by small wooden boats. Independent villa is the most common hotel shape on Gili Island. The price of a night is only more than 50 US dollars, which is very cost-effective. When you arrive on the island, it is the best choice to bask in the sun by the sea, or go diving, because the most important thing here is the beautiful sandy beach. Bask in the sun, swung on the swings, swim, is there a more romantic place than this?

3. Phuket

The more cost-effective and more choices of food, drink and entertainment are in Phuket, Thailand. The island of Phuket is very large, the tourism industry is very well developed, there are many attractions, the catering industry and supporting service industry are developed, and the shopping is convenient and cheap. There are many beaches with different styles and characteristics to choose from on the island: Patong Beach can be chosen for the lively ones, and Bang Tao, Kata and other beaches are preferred for the quiet... Moreover, there are many small islands with charming scenery scattered around the main island of Phuket (the more famous ones are the PP islands and the emperor islands, but there are many less well-known islands, their scenery and sea water are actually better). Tourists can either live on the island or have fun outside the island. The food and beverage level in Phuket is also the best among these comparison items. Fruits, meals, and seafood are all excellent.

4. Boracay

Boracay Island in the Philippines is relatively small in size. Among these comparison items, the beach and seawater with the highest quality is Boracay. The white sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers on the island is impressive and beautiful, the sand is small, and the blue river water is even more pleasant, which is very suitable for vacation. Sea water, beach, sky and sunshine are the main features here. It may be that everyone prefers to enjoy nature quietly. There are not as many entertaining items on the island as Phuket, but it is enough to meet the needs of ordinary vacations. Moreover, the consumption level of Boracay is relatively low, which should be considered an advantage.