Cruise ship is a general term for various types of passenger motorized vessels used to carry passengers for travel, visit and excursion activities. Onboard entertainment and luxury services are considered an integral part of the journey.

Type of cruise ship.

Many types of cruise ships can be roughly divided into regular cruise ships and luxury cruise ships based on different interior amenities and trim levels.

Can be divided into ocean cruises, sea coastal cruises and inland river cruises to different sailing ships.

1. An ocean cruise ship.

It is mainly used for intercontinental or global voyages across the ocean. Usually, the tonnage is large, the performance is superior, the interior facilities are luxurious, and the cost is high.

Cruise ships not only greatly promoted the ocean passenger transport at that time, but also promoted the trend of ocean travel at that time.

As shipbuilding technology developed, ocean cruise ships became larger and more luxurious.

Nowadays, more and more people choose cruise vacation every year, and sea travel has gradually become a trend. Large cruise ships can now reach hundreds of thousands of tons.

2. Coastal cruises.

Most sailing in the local area, such as: Caribbean Sea, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe and other beautiful waters.

Voyages usually start at a certain port, arrive at one or several beautiful tourist ports, and then return to the port of departure for a new voyage.

Advantages of cruise travel.

Enjoy a high level of service.

Among tourists who prefer to travel by cruise ship, many consider its first advantages to be the quality of service and freedom of movement.

From guest rooms to various cruise stations, tourists can get the services they need in a timely manner and feel at home.

Taste a variety of cuisines.

24 hours to provide different cuisines, feel the extraordinary dining experience!

Have fun and activities.

Only a cruise ship can experience the rich variety of activities and high-level performances on board at any time.

Generally speaking, cruise ships can enjoy a variety of activities, such as games, music, dance, musicals, art exhibitions and various sports, and tourists can have fun throughout the trip.

Disadvantages of cruise tourism.

Hard to stop on the way.

There is no way to stay in one place for a long time on a cruise ship, except of course the departure and destination of the cruise.

It is not possible to change the schedule while traveling.

Cruise trips follow a pre-determined itinerary, so there is no way to change schedules or destinations midway through to go elsewhere.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip: traveling on a cruise ship.