Green is the color of life and a symbol of hope. Whenever seeing green, people will always feel joy, so people are keen to find that intoxicating green on their journeys. However, with the development of the economy, the green in the city has long been replaced by high-rise buildings. The beautiful green is getting more and more precious.

Below are 8 of the most beautiful green paradises. Grab the tail of summer, put aside the troubles of life, and let the green of nature penetrate into your heart.

1. Thousand Lakes Desert, Brazil

Before seeing the Thousand Lakes Desert, if someone said to look for green in the desert, you must think that is a crazy idea. However, when you walk into the Thousand Lakes Desert in Brazil and see that the endless desert is full of large and small lakes, like precious emeralds scattered in the stretches of soft golden sand dunes, you will know that there is a kind of Green is called shock.

2. Giethoorn, Holland

Giethoorn is known as "Green Venice" because the reflections of the green houses are reflected on the water. Walking into Giethoorn Village is like walking into a green fairy tale world. Here, the river channels are vertical and horizontal, the trees are shady, the flowers are all over the place, and the houses made of reeds are like coming out of a fairy tale.

3. Green Tundra, Iceland

Iceland is a place with many beautiful scenery, but due to the special climatic and geological conditions here, it is difficult to see green woods here. Although there are no green woods, the unique moss field here makes up for this lack. In Iceland, there is nearly a quarter of the area of moss, like a huge green carpet.

4. Redwood National Park, USA

American Redwood National Park is famous because of the huge number of redwoods it encapsulates. Not only that, but the primeval forest also here is very well preserved. The huge redwood forest is an airtight green when looking down and turning it into a sea of red when looking up.

5. The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

It is the train track in Klevan, Ukraine, which locals call the "tunnel to love". Its incomparable beauty has made countless people sigh, this is probably the most beautiful train track on the planet, and it is suffocating green.

6. Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii

Papakolea Beach is known as the "gem" paved green beach, located in the southernmost part of the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, USA, and is one of only two green sand beaches in the world. The green sandstone brings you the coolest visual enjoyment this summer.

7. Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England

Todmorden is a small town in West Yorkshire, northern England, known as the "Eatable Town" because there are edible fruits and vegetables in any open space in the town. In the town of Todmorden, near the railway, in the station parking lot, at the entrance of the medical center, in the front garden of the residential house, fruit, vegetables, herbs are planted everywhere, and even corn and other vegetables are planted in front of the police station.