In the vast ocean, a piece of land emerges from the blue waves, where ships can park and supply supplies, planes can land, and personnel can land on the shore to rest, which is very pleasing. These "pearls" are skillfully spread on the earth, which brings great convenience to human beings.

What forces made these islands? Despite the variety of appearances of the island, one can still find regularity in it. They remain the same, either separated from continents or formed by submarine volcanic eruptions and coral polyps. The geological structure of the former is similar to that of the nearby continent; the geological structure of the latter is not directly related to the continent. According to this, the islands are divided into four types: mainland islands, volcanic islands, coral islands, and alluvial islands.

Let's take a look at the most beautiful islands in the world. How many have you been to?

Mauritius Island

The island of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean was formed by a volcanic eruption. It is 61km long from north to south and 47km wide from east to west. There are plains along the coast of Mauritius, the east bank is wider and the west bank is narrower. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons, with twisting rock lines and many excellent harbors.


Fiji is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Australia. White-sand beaches, translucent turquoise waters and lush coral reefs can all be found here. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and in some areas surfing are some of the most popular activities in Fiji. With over 300 islands, you can easily find the perfect island for your vacation.

Khao Yai

The local rainforest covers most of the interior, and waterfalls tumble down lava cliffs in an intoxicating tropical atmosphere.

However, the beauty of the island is not only about its lush flora. Its spectacular coastline will take your breath away. Lava has carved this stunning island into sheer cliffs surrounded by beautiful beaches. Beneath the blue sea floor, turtles and tropical fish swim along the reef, delighting divers and snorkelers from around the globe.


The Bahamas is the world's most beautiful island, both high-class and luxurious. There are stunning pink sand beaches on the island. The sand is pink because it was formed from the remains of foraminifera. Paradise Island in the Bahamas is the most beautiful place in the sea, and the Atlante water feature on the island also has a special charm, attracting many tourists. There are about a thousand dive sites on Paradise Island, as well as large swaths of unspoiled coral reefs.


Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is an archipelagic country consisting mainly of one hundred and fifteen islands. Seychelles, Maldives, and Mauritius are known as the three bright pearls in the Indian Ocean, and are called "paradise" by tourists. Seychelles has beautiful scenery, and about 50% of the archipelago is planned as a nature reserve. Each islet in the Seychelles has different environmental characteristics. For example, Fregate Island is home to countless insects, Conson Island is known as a bird's paradise, and Aldabra Island is home to many turtles.